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Welcome to Guánica 1929, Parador of Puerto Rico, where the Caribbean beauty and the history of our island meet to offer you an unforgettable experience.

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Discover Caribbean paradise




Privileged location and first-rate personnel invites you to meet the southwest charm in an unforgettable vacation.




Cozy rooms, hospitalary personnel and relaxing amenities awaits you in a dazzling tropical destination.




Beautiful views and historic turn of the XX century facilities will be the backdrop for your so awaited activity.

Select your escapade

Guánica 1929, Parador of Puerto Rico, offers a great variety of offers for any perfect vacation.

Call today and ask for our All-Inclusive packages.



From $135.50


Breakfast and Dinner

From $150.50


Lunch and Dinner

From $165.50

Restaurant's Menu

Enjoy our gastronomic specialties

Guánica 1929, Parador of Puerto Rico awaits!

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